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We are exclusive agents for AxisDE, (Diatomaceous Earth)
A Soil Amendment for water conservation with 10 Gold Florida WaterStar & 9 LEED points.
Diatomaceous Earth is an IPIA (internally porous inorganic amendment) natural in origin, porous skeletal remains of plankton. Aggregates are calcined (kiln fired) and do not decompose.

AxisDE is:


  • PH Neutral -27CEC -82% Porous
  • Up to 30% Irrigation reduction
  • 90% more PAW than other porous amendments
  • AXIS research articles by; University of Florida, UC Davis, Kansas State, Auburn University, University of Ausburg-Germany and Cornell University to name a few…

Abundant Root MassAir increases rootmass and AxisDE creates world-class rootmass.  AxisDE added to USGA sand at 10% by volume increases rootmass 4 times more than peat moss and sand. Increased rootmass always occurs for all plant species in every application from sports fields to landscapes, rooftops, and planted bioswales. Vigorous root systems help prevent wear in turf areas and promote drought and stress resistance.

   – Dr. Ed McCoy, Ohio State University

  • Reduces Compaction
  • Balances Air & Water in Soils
  • Buffers Soil Temperatures 


Bioswales or Road-Side Plantings

Infamous perk rates & increased water holding reduce runoff while filtering contaminants.

Top-Dress or Dry Inject

Elite rootmass and durability of natural grass for golf, football, soccer, outfields & landscapes.

Rooftops or Living Walls

Porous, lightweight properties reduce density and increase water holding & available water.

Florida Landscapes

Transform any soil type into a thriving environment for huge root growth using less water. 

Infield Conditioners

Patented technology delivers premier water management with long acting surfactants.

Additional Uses

Powders for insect control and aggregates for hydroponics, indoor gardening, bonsai, etc.

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