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Athletic Facility and Sports Turf Management

With heavy play and practice schedules, soccer and football fields easily become compacted, resulting in worn or bare turf areas. By adding porosity to the soil with Axis products, even the hardest native soils can be amended to allow turf to recover more quickly and respond faster to regular maintenance. Additionally, improved soil allows fertilizers and pesticides to be more effective, sometimes at lower rates, to produce a better playing surface.

  • Increase Plant Available Water
  • Improves Drainage
  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Never Stops Working

Professional Feedback from “Spin” Martin

Spin Martin worked under George Toma for many years in Kansas City for the Royals and was the Carolina Panthers first Head Groundskeeper. After serving the Indianapolis Colts for seven years, he is Head Groundskeeper of the University of Tulsa, and produces HD Field Paint.

Sports Turf Management Axis

December 18, 2008

Dear Axis, 

These are my findings and feelings on AXIS. One of the main reasons why I went to Axis was to promote healthier and deeper roots. My Bermuda roots penetrated my whole root zone, 14″ deep, within 6 weeks. Massive balls of root mass were clinging to the Axis. I noticed highly reduced water consumption, on the order of 60% reduction in my water usage. The Axis actually gives back to the plant. There’s no water loss at all. As with a calcined clay product, it absorbs water, but does not release water back as easily to the plant. The soil with Axis is actually oxygenated after a rain, giving healthy oxygen to the deep roots. I use less fertilizer with Axis. My fields stay greener longer even after a flush or a rain. I’ve noticed
less compaction with Axis. The soil does not compact like with regular soil with calcined clay.

My soil test results come back showing that Axis retains nutrients that the plants can feed off of, retaining the nutrients and giving back to the plant. I had twelve solid weeks of NFL players practicing on my fields, with not one bare spot at the end of the season. Why would anybody, in their right mind, choose anything other than Axis in their root zone mix… it’s a no-brainer. Feel free to contact me any time if you have any other questions regarding sports fields, turf or grounds maintenance.

Best Regards,
Michal “Spin” Martin
Head Groundskeeper Indianapolis Colts

Our Calcined Clay Infield Conditioners are the best in the business. Period.

BallGameChanger is a newly patented infield conditioner that sets a new standard for infield water management. BallGameChanger doubles infiltration over calcined clay alone. BallGameChanger is our premium calcined clay with a biodegradable non-ionic surfactant that helps water penetrate quicker and easier for conditions that are too wet or too dry. It reduces the amount of infield conditioner needed to maintain uniform moisture levels and makes infields easier to maintain and safer to play on.

Play Ball Calcined Clay Infield Conditioner is kiln-fired hotter and as a result is the most porous and absorbent conditioner available. Play Ball’s particle size range is more uniform, and is a darker red due to more iron being drawn out from the clay because of the at the highest kiln temperatures in the industry.

Play Ball Drying Agent is screened to the most stringent standards to eliminate dust during application, and to eliminate caking and clumping together on the field. It is the most absorbent drying agent available and also has the signature darker red color.

Play Ball Premium Mound Clay is a professionally screened and milled clay with no foreign matter, and comes dry in the bag. It is very easy to work with because you pour it out of the bag, add a minimal amount of water, and then tamp it into place. It firms up great prevents excessive wear, and provides a stable base for mound and plate areas.

This is a paragraph.Summary of Products available in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

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