florida smart water triangle

Design with water conversation in mind…

The Smart Water Triangle is a part of the Florida WaterStar certified landscape program.

The base of the triangle is soil condition. It is important to know as poor conditions adversely affect uptake and available water. Take a soil sample. There has been great success with carbon-based soil enhancement products to improve overall health and adjust PH. You could introduce IPIA’s internally porous soil amendments like DE (Diatomaceous Earth). These fossilized plankton which when applied at 10% by soil volume can reduce irrigation by 30% by increasing PAW (Plant-Available Water).

Working up the pyramid includes Hardware — the actual mechanical solutions for distributing water. And Controllers. “Smart” controllers and timers work within schedules and water volumes.

Living Walls and Green Roofs

Living Walls and Green Roofs help to provide beauty and efficiency in Green Construction projects. AxisDE helps decrease the amount of heavy soil needed for walls and roofs. The lightweight nature of Diatomaceous Earth helps keeps roots healthy, plants hydrated and manages overall weight.


Bioswales and Rain Gardens

4X More Available Water than Compost — UC Davis

AxisDE is ideal for rooftop applications because it’s extremely porous and light weight – even when saturated. It ensures permeability and long-term planter performance without decomposing. Plants establish quickly and are always healthier due to more uniform soil moisture. Extra water holding capacity buffers soil temperatures and reduces the heat island effect where rooftops get more intense, direct heat. AxisDE is uniquely effective at conserving water and provides 4 times more Plant Available Water (PAW) than compost. AxisDE is the only porous amendment where air and water can traverse the entire granule. Some amendments trap air within mineral bodies, but all AxisDE pores exchange air and water with the soil and are 100% active to help plants thrive. AxisDE circulates more air and water throughout the soil on a continuous basis, reduces irrigation, and produces prolific rootmass; resulting in durable installations and healthy rooftop garden spaces.

Increased Survival Rates from 25% to 70%-90% — WYDOT & US Forest Service (5 Sites)

Roadside plants are often challenged by steep grades, cut slopes, poor soil quality and a lack of irrigation. AxisDE alleviates these concerns by reducing compaction, and by delivering much more water holding capacity, available water and drought relief than any other type of amendment. AxisDE provides perfect conditions for root development and water uptake, a more homogenous blend of air and moisture, and turns regular soil into a thriving medium for any plant’s permanent homestead.

AxisDE is incredibly versatile for all kinds of applications from roadside plantings to potting soil, indoor gardening, bonsai plants and more. Potting mixes with axisDE maximize plant potential, and develop extensive root systems for early re-potting. Natural diatomaceous earth powder mixed into potting soil is exceptional for insect control as it mechanically abrades and desiccates insect bodies. DE powder sprinkled on flower beds works great for pests; while DE powder as a seed coating clings to smooth seeds, and speeds up germination rates with more water holding.

5x More Volumetric Water – Auburn University

AxisDE improves water holding and infiltration and at the same time to reduce runoff. AxisDE prolongs bioswale effectiveness with increased porosity to resist surface clogging from fine particle accumulation.
It mixes well in high sand content soils and provides 5 times more volumetric water holding than sand alone, and does not break down. As fresh water plankton, water flowed easily through the pores now hardened into AxisDE. It’s no coincidence these pores are perfect for water absorption and release. Designed by nature, the porous honeycomb structure acts as a screen for filtering contaminants and reduces nitrogen, phosphorous, and copper leaching. More air and water increase microbial populations 10 times, aiding enzyme digestion of polutants, and improving growth of plant species selected to uptake contaminants.

Benefits for Bonsai Growers

Bonsai growers identify with AxisDE’s balance of water holding, drainage, and moisture uniformity through planters, and allows water to penetrate well and reduces sensitivity of how much to water and when. Plants roots re-establish nicely when replanting with AxisDE. Indoor gardening enthusiasts enjoy easier water management, vigorous plant growth, and increased harvests due to better soil function, more pore space, and gigantic root systems that take up more water and nutrients.